Different Language

A reflection on 5 years of Different Language

Dyed Soundorom playing the Different Language 5th Anniversary

Over the last year or so Different Language have made Fruit warehouse space as home so venue manager Jake Jardine chatted with residents Sona Sound and Different Language on how the party started about and to choose their favourite tracks from the five years of parties in Hull.

Jake Jardine: Happy birthday lads, how did the whole Different Language project come about?

Different Language: Well we were heavily into the whole minimal stuff back then, inspired by the likes of Marc Houle, Magda and Loco Dice but Hull just didn't really cater for our musical tastes. We wanted to do something a little different, hence us starting a series of outdoor terrace parties and inviting some guests who were producing stuff we really liked at the time such as Alex Jones, Simon Baker and Richard Seeley.

"Once you achieve one thing you set another goal and I think that's what we've kind of done each year..."

JJ: Did you ever think you'd make it to 5 years?

Sona Sound: Well, it was debatable if Waff was to make it to 5pm never mind 5yrs! But half a decade is a long time in anyone's book. And to still be going and holding a residency in Hull's premier underground event is great.

DL: To be honest we didn't know what to expect when we set up all those years ago. Once you achieve one thing you set another goal and I think that's what we've kind of done each year. We've really chosen our venues carefully, unique and original spaces that haven't been used before is what we tend to go for. We still learn from every party and we know hard work still has to go into each event.

JJ: How would you describe the 5 year journey

SS: One of change. It's been a steady rise really and I think that's the key to Different Language events. It's taken its time and cemented itself with a true and loyal following. Music policies have been very much on trend and its been a great platform for us to road test our own productions.

JJ: If you had to pick one party from the past five years which one sticks out for you?

SS: Wow, that's a tough question. If we were to pick one though I think it would have to be the gig when Hobo came to play from Minus at the Spring Bank Tavern courtyard. To put on such an amazing up and coming producer of his calibre and have the whole Hull City licensing team against us, it was pretty unbelievable that we managed to achieve it. Knocking down toilet walls, making sure speaker stands stayed within boundaries and then to have a representative come down from the council to check that everything was spot on. Was a great sight to see him nodding along and enjoying a beer when 300+ heads where raving it up. Great night and formed a great friendship with Joel.

"It's been a steady rise really and I think that's the key to Different Language events..."

DL: Now this is a hard one. We've had so many great parties over the years with each one having different highlights. Hobo playing from a disabled toilet was an interesting one - as Pete has just mentioned, Anthea playing for over 5 hours in an old fire station was amazing and Shonky's music at our warehouse party in May was nothing short of perfection. To be able to say we've brought artists such as Nick Curly, Ambivalent, Sebo K and Dyed Soundorom to our party really puts a smile on our faces.

JJ: Which DJ or artist has impressed you most at Different Language?

SS: I think this one goes to one of the most recent acts. Shonky was unbelievable. A true professional. It was an absolute pleasure to watch him work. His mixing was seamless and his tune selection pretty much spot on everytime.

DL: All our guests have done a great job when playing for us but Nick Curly, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky really stood out for us.

JJ: Why have you switched venues so often?

DL: Well sometimes we've had to move due to circumstances beyond our control! Some of the parties we threw during 2009/2010 were borderline with licensing regulations and the authories finally caught up with us. We like to be on the look out for new and interesting spaces and this keeps the party exciting and fresh.

"Some of the parties we threw during 2009/2010 were borderline with licensing regulations and the authories finally caught up with us..."

JJ: Why did you chose to use Fruit as a venue?

DL: We'd heard of a new warehouse space opening as a new multi-functional venue on Humber Street so we attended the open day. As soon as we walked in we knew this place was for us. Thankfully we'd known the venue promoter Dean Shakespeare from when we'd done parties at the Lamp and that was kind of our way in. We knew our offering was completely different to the comedy, live music, markets, films and arts that Fruit were hosting but we didn't let that stop us trying. Fruit, for us is the best music venue in Hull. At our parties the space generates a great atmosphere and has a state of the art Funktion One sound system that all our guests compliment on. We have a great relationship with you all at Fruit so we're very happy.

JJ: What do you see for the future with the Different Language parties?

SS: More of the same please. Quality electronic acts in unique intimate spaces. If it isn't broke then don't fix it!

DL: Agreed!

JJ: What else is coming up for you in 2012?

DL: We have a short break over the Summer with the warehouse parties and return to Fruit in the Autumn. We are collaborating with Deja Vu this July to put on a one-off Garden Party over at the Hull University. It's an 11 hour party that will start outside on the outdoor terrace and we have a heavy line up that we'll be announcing very soon.

JJ: Starting with Martin and Rob, what have been your favourite records over the five years?

2007 Sebo K feat. Prosumer - Moved
Beautiful vocals and amazing synths, this track oozes atmosphere. This was one of my first Sebo K records and we were very happy to bring Sebo K to the party later in 2010 for our 3rd birthday.

2008 Oel & Polygon - Dexter
I can't remember how I got hold of this record but I've played this out so many times, yet it gets the same response. I remember dropping it in the old fire station before Anthea came on and the place went mental.

2009 Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot (C2 Version)
Dean Muhsin, one half of Bearweasel dropped this to close a summer courtyard party back in 2009 and it just summed the whole day up. I do believe this was one of our defining parties and this track brings back all the memories. Martin Buttrich and Carl Craig at their very best.

2010 Marco Carola - Turn Around
Marco Carola's productions are always solid, none more so than this track. It sounds fresh yet for me still has an old skool sound with those synth hits. A simple bassline but a very effective groove.

2011 Sascha Dive - Jus Groove
I picked this up a few months after its release on Tsuba but it took me ages to track down. I'd heard it on a Fabrizio Maurizi podcast and absolutely loved it. Shonky dropped this at our party in May!

JJ - What have been your favourite tracks Pete & Waff?

2007 Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Danny Howells Mix)
There were so many great tunes that year but this one summed everything up for the summer. I dropped it on the Lamp's terrace and it set the scene for the rest of the event. Such a sad loss earlier on in the year with the death of Donna Summer but her music will live on.

2008 Sona Sound - Nervous Breakdown (Inxec Mix)
Had to put one of our own in here and this was the remix that landed in some of the big jocks record bags. Like Hawtin and Villalobos. Big thanks to Inxec for the remix of this. Deep electronic track, well before its time, that's a perfect set starter.

2009 Joris Voorn - Sweep The Floor (Original Mix)
Flawless tech house from the linchpin of European dance music. A building energetic number, which I had the pleasure of experiencing for the first time on the Amnesia Terrace at Cocoon. Villalobos did it great justice that evening and the final drop at the end is what great house music is all about.

2010 Tensnake - Coma Cat
First played at the Hobo gig to finish off precedings. This disco houser was as fresh as anything when it came out. Blissful vocal harmonies, great lead and a retro percussion put this track top of the pile as an end of nighter.

2011 Thugfucker - Disco Knome (Tale of Us remix)
The start of the dark house era. Heavy anologue lead synth and bass coupled with an uplifting vocal provided much pleasure to the Different Language crowd that year. Always got a response. Unbelievable production.

JJ: Good to talk with you lads, here's to the next five years!

DL: We'll drink to that!

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