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Cocoon's DJ W!ld talks to Different Language

Cocoon artist DJ W!ld

Cocoon Hero DJ W!ld took time out to chat to Different Language about fellow Parisian artists, moving to the Cocoon agency and his second artist album 'Dirty'.

Different Language: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! How are you?

DJ W!ld: Well, really good, I can't complain! I'm in Ibiza at the moment, getting ready for my show at DC10 tonight.

You're a DJ, a producer and a label owner! You must be a busy boy?

Yes, it's even too much sometimes... But if you want to create something, you have to work a lot. And it's a real pleasure to work for and with the most important thing: music!

Dirty, your second artist album, came out earlier this year (and was well received), how would you compare this to your debut album Palace?

It's normal that you have a constant evolution in your music, and I also find new ways and have new ideas to create music. But as you can feel and hear, my music hasn't changed totally. So you will definitely recognise my sound on D!rty. On this album, I set the focus a little bit more on darker and deeper aspects.

Most of the ideas come about when I'm making music, it's often just the feeling in that particular moment which affects me.

"You will definitely recognise my sound on D!rty. On this album, I set the focus a little bit more on darker and deeper aspects..."

You are now an integral part of the Cocoon agency, how did that all come about?

Just like the rest: totally naturally. It just happened without any plan from myself! I was playing in Ibiza and Sven saw me, he approached me and asked if I was interested to join the Cocoon family and the agency's booking roster. I said 'sure', and here we are now, the rest is history.

You've been a resident at Circoloco now for a number of years, how has this Summer compared to previous years?

A lot more packed! :)

It's always good to have many people, but as you know, the island is getting more and more popular, and you have so many guests from everywhere who are flooding the city. Also, the musical focus has changed... I think that, at the moment, the island is pretty full (even too much)!

You're based in Paris right, could you ever see yourself moving away from France?

Yes, for sure! But I keep asking myself: where should I go?

You work alongside fellow Parisian Chris Carrier with Catwash Records, how well do you know other key house artists from France?

Well, I know all of them for sure, for a long time now, I have even seen most of them starting their career, but I'm more close with my buddies Chris Carrier and Phil Weeks!

You know, we have the same stance towards the music we like and play. Also we have the same way of thinking about the music business, we are based on the music and not on the bullshit!

This year we've had both Dyed Soundorom and Shonky play at Different Language and their Apollonia brand has become one of the scenes successes this year. Why do you think French artists are doing so well?

Because the French are doing better anyway... ;)

No, seriously, I think it's difficult to explain, as we have a lot of the best artists, but also some of the worst ones: Bob Sinclar, David Guetta and Martin Solveig.

"We [France] have a lot of the best artists, but also some of the worst ones: Bob Sinclar, David Guetta and Martin Solveig..."

You have a very impressive back catalogue of music and remixes on a number of quality labels. Which tracks do you look back on and feel most proud of?

It's difficult to say... I'm always proud of my last productions, but that's normal. You are getting better with the time, learning new skills... I always want to get better.

We hear you're still a vinyl fan, do you play 100% records?

Well, yeah, I'm a big vinyl fan with a huge collection! However, I play a lot of my unreleased tracks in my sets and I just can't stand CDJs, so I use Traktor. For me it's the simplest way to be able to play my new tracks on a good turntable via time codes.

When all the partying is over, what things do you like to do away from music and partying?

Sex, graffiti and smoking joints!

If you weren't in the music industry what do you think you'd be doing?

I was planning to be a designer or a painter, but that's still in my mind.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Different Language this Halloween!

I'm looking forward, too, for sure!!! Be d!rty and freaky!!!

DJ W!ld headlines the Different Language Halloween party on Saturday 27th October, alongside Electric Sheep's Mitch Davis and residents. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are available at Resident Advisor.

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