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Different Language catch up with Fuse resident Rossko

Fuse resident Rossko

Rossko has been an integral part of London's vibrant House & Techno scene playing his records across the city's clubs for almost a decade now. Rossko joins Tobi Neumann to help open Gate Nº5 on Saturday 21st June and Different Language chatted with the Fuse resident.

Hi Rossko, thank you for taking time out to talk to us!

We are really excited about having you play at the new opening party at Gate Nº5. Everyone is really excited about the new space, have you seen or heard anything about it?

I saw the pictures on the website looks impressive. Get it sounding right in there along with a good DJ booth and you got a serious space as well as very happy DJ's!

You'll be joining a list of other Fuse residents we've had play at Different Language within the space of 8 months. We had Enzo and Seb back in October and December respectively. You are now an integral part of the Fuse crew, how did that all come about?

I met Enzo years ago, at the time I had my own party and he invited me to come down and play for his Saturday night party called Circuit in this really cool basement bar in Shoreditch. Fuse started as an after-after party just for us DJ's really who didn't want to go home Sunday afternoon and wanted to play more records! It all happened organically and what started as a messy after party quickly grew into what we do today.

"I really do enjoy these stripped back and raw spaces it creates this atmosphere that no other normal clubs have..."

And do you Fuse residents hang out away from the parties?

Yer were a tight crew, we are all pretty much London based so we hang when we can. If I'm honest - We are all so music focused that If I'm not DJ'ing or in the studio I'm on the dance floor listening to them!

Gate Nº5 has low a ceiling, minimal lighting and decor, a very similar approach to Sankeys in Ibiza, do you prefer this type of space?

Im used to these type of venues especially in London. I really do enjoy these stripped back and raw spaces it creates this atmosphere that no other normal clubs have and the focus becomes more on the music and putting your head down and raving.

What is your favourite track in your record bag?

At the moment I can't stop playing; Marc Philipp & Nils Weimann - 18m 19n

Do you have any productions on the way?

Yes I have an EP with Julian Perez from Fathers & Sons coming out on Fuse London & also finishing off an EP with the guys at OdD music this summer which is sounding solid.

What are the main ingredients to a great party for you?

Good music. Good People. Good Sound. Good times. Simple!

Fuse Ibiza 2014 is underway as you played the opening party on Tuesday, how did it go and how did it compare to last summer?

The opening was amazing. Great energy and crowd - it was packed out by 12.30am which says a lot. Its our 2nd full season out here - we built our foundations last summer so returning this summer were a little bit older and little bit wiser. We know the club inside out and what works in there. It's also great to see a more international crowd.

What makes playing Fuse Ibiza different than back in London?

Fuse Ibiza allows to reach out to a wider-audience. A lot of people who don't get the chance to come to London to see what we do can get a similar experience. You really get to understand how far the party has reached out and how many people follow you from afar. Fuse Ibiza brings all of that together.

"We know the club inside out and what works in there. It's also great to see a more international crowd..."

Are you out in Ibiza for the whole Summer?

Yes I'm based here all summer - its my 3rd summer here and each year the more you discover the island the better it gets.

What is your drink of choice in the club?

Tequila. Rum & Ginger Beer and more Tequila!

When all the partying is over, what things do you like to do away from music and partying?

I'm really into the Ancient Egypt, Sacred Geometry and anything to do with Space. These documentaries inspire me to understand myself and music a lot more on universal level. Deeeeeeeeeeep stuff.

See you down at Gate Nº5!

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