Different Language

Different Language Easter Rave with Guti - Live & Hector

Guti - Live (Desolat/Argentina)
Hector (Desolat/Germany)
Different Language

Date: Sun 5th April, 2015
Time: 9pm - 4am
Venue: Gate Nº5, Wincolmlee, Hull
Price: 1st release £12 / 2nd release £14
Tickets: Advance Resident Advisor

Different Language welcome two of Desolat's most exciting artists, Guti and Hector to Gate Nº5 on Sunday 5th April.


A classically-trained jazz virtuoso and national rock 'n' roll hero in Argentina, Guti was born into an exceptionally musical fa- mily, which included orchestra directors, saxophone players and pianists. On long hot summers, Guti would steal hours alone at the piano (first teaching himself how to play at the age of five) in a big house belonging to his uncle. As a teen, after getting into blues he began hanging with successful Argentine rock bands like the Black and Blues, Ratones Paranoicos, Viejas Locas and Los Piojos and before long, his own band Jovenes Pordioseros were playing to 10,000 people from Thursday through Saturday. But it's not in Guti's nature to stay locked in one mode of music. It was in the studio of Latin Grammy-nominated producer and friend Leandro Martinez that Guti began experimenting with making house beats and singing on top. And having grown up with music, it didn't take long before he was banging out several tracks a day without breaking a sweat.

"It didn't take long before he was banging out several tracks a day without breaking a sweat..."

2010 was the year that Guti's electronic career really began to ignite. Just two years after his first live sets in Europe, Guti moved to Dusseldorf to hunker down in the studio to concentrate on the Guti Techno and House project. The result was his stunning debut album "Patio de juegos" released on Desolat to critical acclaim.

The summer of 2014 has begun in particularly exciting fashion with the release of his stunning second studio album. 'Rompe- corazones' is the debut release on Guti's newly launched label, also called Rompecorazones Music and this album, distributed by Defected Records, was made in Guti's cutting-edge new Barcelona studio (soon to be featured in Resident Advisor and Future Music). On 'Rompecorazones' Guti once again displays his diversity as he incorporates elements from a vast array of musical styles - including jazz, electronica, ambient and blues across 12 original productions.

Although currently based in Barcelona, it's unlikely he will ever leave behind the spirit of the Latin America he knows. "I love Buenos Aires. It's a huge city... a huge jungle. Really fast, really crazy, dirty, messy. But really creative: amazing musicians. That happens with all the poor countries. We don't have money, so we play music. We write books." And the story continues.


Hector's signature lies as much in his deft melodic touches and powerfully driving beats, as it does in his relentless forward motion and transformation. The journey so far has taken him from Mexico to England and Germany, from the DJ booth of Guadalajara's Bar Americas, to releases for labels like Desolat, Tsuba, 2020 Vision and mobilee, with an extended stint be- hind the counter of London's famed Phonica Records in between.

"Hector's ambitions continue to stretch beyond the seen horizon as he constantly seeks to evolve..."

Hector's eventual relocation to Berlin coincided with even more accelerated momentum for the DJ and producer; he has since criss-crossed the globe, performing at festivals like Time Warp, DEMF, Kazantip, Awakenings, BPM, Hideout and Sunwaves, alongside club sets for Tokyo's Womb, Space Miami, Fabric London and New York's Output, while spearheading tours of North & South America, and making regular appearances at Ibiza institutions Music On, Carl Cox - Revolution, Enter. and Used + Abused.

After having the honour of being first producer to release on Phonica's in-house label, Hector developed a strong following through acclaimed releases and remixes on 8Bit, Watergate, One Records, Siesta Records, Saved Records. A deep knowledge and infectious passion for cutting-edge music have made Hector a beloved figure on the international club circuit, and he continues to relish the opportunity to play alongside his heroes and friends like Loco Dice, Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin.

Hector's ambitions continue to stretch beyond the seen horizon as he constantly seeks to evolve, and foundations he has laid down so far ensure an even brighter future.

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