Different Language

Different Language Winter Rave with Delano Smith

Delano Smith (Detroit / US)
Different Language
Tom Gibbins

Date: Sat 3rd February, 2018
Time: 9pm - 4am
Venue: Gate Nº5, Wincolmlee, Hull
Price: Early bird £8 / 2nd release £10 / 3rd release £12
Tickets: Advance Resident Advisor

Gate Nº5 reopens its green gates for 2018 and Different Language invites one of the last of a rare group of Detroit's first house DJs; Delano Smith, to man the turntables. Let's start the year with a bang.

Delano Smith

Delano Smith is one of the original DJs from Detroit, and remains one of the few still active and making an impact on the global music scene.

He came up under the tutelage of the great Ken Collier, who taught him to infuse his sets with soul, disco and early electronic sounds, and in doing so planted the seeds for the generations to come. People dancing to Smith's sets in the late 70s and early 80s themselves went on to become global DJ players, meaning Smith's influence cannot be overstated, still standing as he does on a par with those very same artists.

"Delano remains one of the few still active and making an impact on the global music scene..."

Smith's story is intriguing, and in fact found him turning to house and techno when the world economy collapsed in around 2000. Adapting to the new musical styles of the day came as second nature to him and he quickly became known for laying down expertly timed, balanced and sequenced sets of timeless grooves and floor killing beats. Coming up in the fiercely competitive days of the late 70s taught Delano some key skills that so many of today's DJs lack, and also means that his quality threshold is achingly high, both when in the booth and the studio.

As such, as soon as he headed out on the road to play Europe's top clubs, he received international recognition and was tapped up for releases on London label Third Ear, who were keen to hear more of the slowed down sounds from Detroit being produced by the Detroit Beatdown crew, Delano, Norm Talley and Mike 'Agent X' Clarke.

After a string of successful EPs, in 2012 his Odyssey LP exploded onto the collective consciousness of the house and techno world. In 2014 Delano's second album arrived and was loaded with dark and dubby material that was an intriguing curve ball to follow the hysteria that greeted his debut.

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Different Language Winter Rave with Delano Smith