Different Language

Different Language 6th Anniversary w/ tINI & Hector

tINI (Desolat/Berlin)
Hector (Desolat/Tsuba)
Different Language

Date: Sun 5th May, 2013
Time: 7pm - 2.30am
Venue: Fruit Warehouse, 62-63 Humber Street, Hull, HU1 1TU
Price: Advanced £10 / MOTD
Tickets: Fruitspace advanced + Resident Advisor advanced

Different Language invite Desolat's tINI and Hector to help celebrate their 6th Anniversary at the Fruit warehouse.


It took tINI only a few years of playing in clubs to become one of Germany's most highly acclaimed female artists in techno and house music.

Her involvement with rhythms and beats started at the age of 7, when tINI, who is originally from Munich, began playing drums, while the curiosity and passion for sounds finally led her to first production attempts on her brother's Atari. While her general interest in music has been aroused by new romantics, wave and grunge, her first dj adventures started with underground hip hop to rap. As her interest, knowledge and skills developed, her DJ style became more electronic when she stumbled upon Moodymann's "Amerika".

It was in summer 2003 that tINI started playing frequently in clubs and events in and around Munich. First DJ appearances throughout Europe and her first own nights and residencies followed soon. In 2008 tINI joined Desolat and the Artist Alife family, after she caught attention of Loco Dice during few performances at the same spots. No doubt this was an initial spark. Becoming a constant part of the worldwide Desolat nights by that time, her profile assumed shape, while more and more clubs became aware of the curly haired talent with that powerful, vivid temper, who intuitionally knows how to enchant her crowd whether during smart-building warm-up or igniting main-time sessions.

"It took tINI only a few years of playing in clubs to become one of Germany's most highly acclaimed female artists in techno and house music..."

"That's right", her production debut on the Desolat X Sampler in 2009, became a timeless groove monster with high profile DJs worldwide and a perfect proof that future is looking bright for this grand dame of deep twisted tech funk.

Residencies for Ibiza's original Ushuaia, London's in-demand "Fuse" events and Cocorico in Italy plus being the official tour support for Marco Carola on his worldwide album presentation were just a few highlights of recent months. The most significant highlight of this unique career has been saved for autumn 2011, when her debut artist album gets released on her label homebase Desolat.

As tINI's life is ruled by magic moments and deep acquaintanceships, her first longplayer has been named after her best friend "Tessa", who was the first person to introduce her to the colourful, sometimes dreamlike world of Ibiza, where tINI spent the summer of 2010 and produced a majority of her album. It's a musical documentation of an influencing stage of life, inspired by a chaotic but at the same time peaceful island and special people she met there and who can even be heard in many of the tracks.


Effortlessly balancing a will to experiment with an unwavering commitment to the founding spirit of house, mobilee's Hector is one of electronic music's most exciting up-and-comers.

Mixing up styles and moods, but always focused firmly on the dancefloor's needs and desires, Hector's sets have energy, precision and most of all, soul. Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Hector took to the decks at the age of 16 after experiencing sets by visiting European DJs. Inspired by the likes of Carl Craig, Moodymann, the Timewriter & Terry Lee Brown Jnr, Hector soon realized that his future lay in music.

"Hector is one of electronic music's most exciting up-and-comers..."

After a DJ residency with Bar Americas, one of Mexico's premier clubs, Hector headed for England; he fell for the capital's thriving music scene and has remained there ever since. Spinning during Ibiza's summer season, he befriended Simon Rigg, boss of Phonica Records - the nucleus of London's house and techno community - and started working at the Soho store upon his return to the UK. Hector's knowledge and infectious passion for cutting-edge music transformed him into one of the shop's most recognizable faces, and he was the first producer to launch Phonica's in-house label in 2009.

Hector has notched up a series of high profile releases, including his breakthrough 12" La Raza for Dinky's Horizontal imprint, the Piano Hispano EP with Pablo Cahn, and Hispanic Causing Panic for 8bit. As well as contributing the track "Keep O" to the Hi Five mobilee anniversary compilation, Hector has made his mark with the defining Berlin imprint via Got Fringe, a complex, stomping, vocal-fueled percussive pair of tracks that fuses slower house tempos with an irresistible Latin swing.

Hector's journey is only just beginning, with future releases planned for mobilee, DJ gigs further and further afield, the first compilation for Ibiza's The Zoo Project in the pipeline, and the development of a new alias, Los Vatos, which will explore different shades of music from disco to hip hop with live vocals.

As both a producer and DJ, Hector nods to house music's past and fully engages with its future, driven by the same vision, passion, and love of music that drives the extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all that will come.

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Different Language 6th Anniversary w/ Desolat's tINI & Hector